main·spring, ˈmānˌspriNG/: noun

Something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity.


Mainspring owner, Paul Moore is an Oklahoma State University graduate and Certified Public Accountant. Paul formed a local accounting firm with several offices serving northeast Oklahoma. The experience gained working in private industry and public accounting provided the opportunity to build a company focused on technology and serving the small business community. Mainspring’s success over the years has been a result of combining great products, exemplary employees, and loyal and forward-thinking customers. One example of such a stand out employee is Paul’s business partner of nearly 30 years. Carolyn Christman started as a receptionist for the company and through hard work and keen insight has now become a co-owner of the company.

Mainspring’s value to business owners is centered on leveraging our rich business experience coupled with our passion for technology. At our core, we supply expertise in business system integration and applications including seamless integration of ecommerce solutions with solid brick and mortar applications. Our customers’ business goals and objectives are always providing the driver for delivery of these products and services.

Our customers’ confidence to build their solutions is predicated on our adherence to the highest level of business ethics and behavior.

We have put together an incredible team of specialists, with decades of experience, to help our clients
with every aspect of implementing and supporting retail systems.

Our Team

Mainspring has over 32 years of experience implementing and supporting retail systems. With our expert technicians, application developers, and implementation team, we have the privileged opportunity to meld our strengths with our customers’ vision to provide the best possible business solution and outcome.

Customer Commitment:

Our customers’ selection of Mainspring for their business solutions, drives us to re-earn that honor every day.


The highest quality of our services and products is never achieved. We believe our work life has at its core, the requirement to keep our eye on the goal of providing the highest quality to our customers.


Our customers’ trust to build their solutions is predicated on practicing and proving our adherence to the highest level of business ethics and behavior.


Working together, our team members understand the value of leveraging each other’s talents with the goal of meeting our customers’ expectations.

How Can We Help?

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