Client Since 2005
Vertical: Specialty Retail / Apparel

For more than 30 years, Drysdales has provided authentic western wear to a worldwide audience of western lifestyle and riding enthusiasts.

In 1981, J.R. Dry, Sr. grew tired of being retired and decided to open a western wear store. Dry new Tulsa, OK would be an ideal location. He purchased an abandoned grocery store building, doubled its size, and created Drysdales Western Wear. This store location still thrives to this day.

In 2003, Drysdales opened their second retail location in Tulsa. Jim McClure, current president, states value and customer service is the key to their success.

While their online and print catalog offerings are targeted specifically to western apparel customers, their two retail locations, located in Tulsa, OK, carry a wide variety of clothing styles represented by their famous tag line: “North, South, East, and Western Wear.”

How Mainspring has played an influential role within the company:

  • Drysdales has been a client of Mainspring for approximately 15 years.
    • Throughout the years, Mainspring has assisted in various tasks to enhance Drysdales sales process.
  • Catalog System
    • Mainspring developed a catalog module and then integrated it with their existing point of sale system.
  • 3rd Party Ordering Processing
    • Mainspring developed this process to assist with the client’s peak loads and after hours loads
    • Seamless integration / Seamless work flow for client’s employees
    • Process provides the ability for Drysdales’ customers to contact/order 24/7
  • Integrated 3rd Party Physical Counts
  • Once Mainspring installed Counterpoint, Drysdales witnessed inventory losses going from 8-9% to practically obsolete.